为什么格林威治? 学生经历

Our students have a memorable 经验. 发现 more about our campuses, 冰球突破首页的社区, 你将如何学习, and how we 支持 you on your career journey.

The University of Greenwich is driven by a founding ethos of "no limits". Our fundamental vision is to empower everyone to explore new possibilities, unbound by conventional wisdom and artificial boundaries.

通过这种方法, we aim to inspire new ways of communicating, connecting and expressing our personal and collective identities.

冰球突破首页也是伦敦少数几所在一个地方拥有你所需要的一切的大学之一. Teaching, social, sports and living spaces are all on campus or close by.

Beautiful, inspiring locations

冰球突破首页的校园 are very special places to study. 冰球突破首页在伦敦东南部的格林威治皇家自治市有两个校区——格林威治标志性的老皇家海军学院和迷人的艾弗里山——以及肯特郡历史悠久的梅德韦校区.

冰球突破首页的校园是历史悠久的格林威治老皇家海军学院,位于泰晤士河岸边,毗邻皇家公园. 标志性的格林尼治海洋世界遗产每年接待数百万参观皇家天文台子午线的游客, 卡蒂萨克号船, 历史市场, 博物馆和, 当然, 的ORNC. 冰球突破首页的校园可以在许多电影中看到,包括《冰球突破首页》和《冰球突破首页》, and TV series such as The Crown.

只有很短的距离,很容易通过常规的大学巴士服务到达, 艾弗里山是一个专门建造的绿色校园,学生村和令人印象深刻的体育设施位于埃尔瑟姆美丽的公园旁边.  Its cluster of teaching, living and sports facilities offer a relaxed atmosphere to study, 生活和锻炼.

Medway Campus at the Chatham dockside in Kent has gre考试at facilities, including excellent laboratories and workshops, and is ideal for exploring the Kent countryside and seaside towns. It's an easy commute to central London and the Bluewater Shopping Centre.


冰球突破首页的校园 are the perfect blend of old and new. 您将在辉煌的历史建筑和场地中享受最先进的教学空间.

The Greenwich 社区

Greenwich is more than a collection of individual students and staff, it is a community of people united by their passion for learning.  作为大学社区的一员,传达了一种自豪感和责任感,以达到前几代学生的高标准.  这也意味着你要依靠别人来帮助你成为最好的学生. There are many opportunities to make friends, try out new things and discover what you're good at, alongside other like-minded people. Everyone is welcome and can find a way to fit in at Greenwich.



重要的是,你要享受在格林威治的学习,并有机会脱颖而出. 冰球突破首页的课程是结合商业和工业设计的,并使用最新的研究课程. We will 支持 and encourage you to achieve your best possible outcome.

Technology plays a big role in our teaching. 这方面的一个例子是课程捕获,它允许您在线和按需重新访问课程. 冰球突破首页的员工有资源使多媒体成为您学习经验的关键部分.

冰球突破首页专注于为您的职业生涯的下一阶段做好准备的科目. 冰球突破首页的许多学生都有外部导师,并通过工作实习来培养雇主重视的工作技能和经验. This is a formula for success, 90%的毕业生在完成课程后的六个月内开始工作或继续学习(2018年DLHE调查).

Taught by passionate people

冰球突破首页聘请了合格的、专业的教学人员,大多数具有正式的教学资格. 冰球突破首页的许多学者以前也在商界或工业界工作过. 这使冰球突破首页能够提供最新的和行业相关的课程,由专业机构认可.

冰球突破首页的讲师热衷于分享知识,就像他们对自己的学科一样. They are ideally placed to help you reach your potential. 冰球突破首页的学生经常说,冰球突破首页的老师会不遗余力地帮助他们在所选的学科上取得优异成绩.

These principles earned us a national Teaching Excellence Framework (TEF)银级 2017年和高等教育学院国家教学奖学金,为冰球突破首页的大量教学人员.


We offer a comprehensive range of 支持 服务 for all our students. 每个学生都有一个私人导师,指导你在格林威治的学习. 冰球突破首页的学生学术服务团队可以帮助您解决住宿需求, 钱的问题, advice and counselling, 以及残疾需求. 格林尼治学生会是大学的核心,提供各种各样的社交活动, 为所有本科生和研究生提供运动和支持能力.

Facilities to shape your future

自2013年以来, we've invested more than £150 million in laboratories, teaching spaces and student facilities. 这包括梅德韦校区的一个新的学生中心和格林威治的无畏大楼.

无畏号是所有学生学术和社会活动的新中心. Alongside teaching and computing areas, 你会找到一个café, 餐厅, 健身房, and a concert and events venue. This is where you can do your social learning, access student 服务, take part in student activities, and hang out with friends.

You'll also benefit from excellent study facilities, 包括一流的理工科先进实验室和三个配备专职学术服务馆员的校园图书馆.

Our Dreadnought Building has been transformed into a vibrant learning, teaching and social centre thanks to a £32 million programme of investment.

Advancing knowledge at Greenwich

Our research addresses some of the world's most challenging issues, from global health to public safety.

Current investigations include mosquito-carried diseases, such as malaria and the Zika virus, and the use of 3D printers for medical implants. 其他项目还包括在困难环境中撤离的救生研究, such as high-rise construction sites, and understanding the links between politics and the economy.

This expertise feeds directly into our teaching. 您的课程由前沿研究提供信息,并由自己推动知识前沿的领先研究人员教授.

冰球突破首页也欢迎下一代研究生研究人员使用冰球突破首页世界一流的设施进行领先的研究. 你将得到一个管理团队的支持,他们将帮助你发展学术生涯的技能, 研究及工业.

Supporting our researchers effectively is essential to the university's research mission; to inspire society and the world through the discovery, application and sharing of knowledge.


You can find out a lot about a university online, 但要真正感受一下在这里生活和学习的感觉,你应该来参观一下. Please come take a look at our 历史性的校园 in London and Kent.



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